1. The use of modern methods of teaching and getting the message through Power Point, as well as the use of several methods that allows participation, such as:
2. Small group discussion.
3. Case studies.
4. Peer education.
5. Seminars - field training - presentations.

(11) Program Admission: followed the requirements of Ministry of High Education for applied sciences.

(12) Language of Instruction:

Arabic is the languages of instruction also can use English as second language.

(13) Methods of Evaluation:

Evaluation includes the following types:

1. Curriculum Evaluation:

There should be a unit of continuous self-evaluation to check the level of increased performance and output and work on academic reform to follow up on various scientific developments and feedback from external examiners, service providers and graduates.

2. Students Evaluation:
It includes

Continuousassessments represent 30 %.

Final exam represent 70 %

These weights mentioned above may vary according to the nature of the structures.

(14) Human Resources:

For the university requirements and basic and assistant sciences we have the College staff and others universities but for the specialized course we will appoint and collaborate with public health faculty’s staff in other universities.

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