Dream of upgrading to university .. Projects for Students

Praise be to Allah and the success of the College since the date of ratification until the completion of the fifteenth year to abide by the decisions and recommendations of the National Council for Higher Education and Scientific Research through the General Administration of Private, Foreign and Private Education and the General Administration of Admission, Evaluation and Documentation of Certificates. Its founders complete their 24th year in training and capacity development in various disciplines.
During these years the College has developed:

1. From a limited capacity and space center to a specialized center for management techniques and computer science.
2. Then from a special center to a center related and close association with the University of Gezira, taking advantage of professors, curricula, experiences and expertise.
3. Then to a technical college offering 6 programs in the fields of technical diploma in 3 specialties are:

a. administration science.
b. Electronic Engineering.
c. Computer Science.

  • Then offer graduate programs in cooperation with the University of Gezira through the college.
  • Then ratification of the college branch in the city of Wad Madani (was later separated from the college completely and created an alternative to the Faculty of Light Science and Technology in the island).
  • Then the college moved to its current headquarters and owned by the college in the area of ​​Kfoury square 8 in Khartoum North.
  • The college then developed to offer bachelor programs in administrative sciences, electrical and electronic engineering, computer science, English followed by architecture, economic sciences, information technology, and finally medical engineering.
  • Graduated from college 12 batches of various disciplines.

Therefore, the natural development of the college comes to be promoted to a university after meeting the various requirements to achieve the following:
1 / Strengthen its objectives in the training and qualification of scientific and technical staff required in the field of computer science and engineering, networks, technology and management information systems and accounting, English, economics, architecture and then medical engineering.
2 / Achieving the objectives of higher education by contributing to the desired development and progress of the country and filling the gap of mediating staff in these vital areas.
3 / Contribute to scientific research and dissemination to meet the needs of society for scientific and technical solutions to its immediate and future problems.
4 / Disseminating knowledge and accompanying professional and scientific through the development of technology and harnessed to serve the community.
The following table shows the programs and teaching hours approved for each program and the number of batches graduated from each program.


  • Classrooms 16
  • Digital & Analog Communication Lab
  • Digital Electronics Lab
  • Analog Electronics Lab & power electronics
  • Electrical Engineering Basics Lab
  • Physics Lab
  • Sensors Lab
  • Microcontroller Lab
  • Microprocessor processing plant
  • Electrical measurements laboratory
  • DSP Laboratory
  • Optical Fiber Lab
  • Antenna Laboratory
  • Satellite Lab
  • Mobile Lab
  • Bio Chemistry
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Bio Instrumentation
  • Computer lab 8
  • Studio workshop
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