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Since its inception in 2003, Al Jazeera Technical College has been dedicated to meeting the needs and aspirations of science seekers both locally and internationally by offering challenging academic and educational programs, supporting scientific professionalism and stimulating knowledge, and creating creativity and innovation in the fields of scientific research and professional practice.
Establishment: Year 2009
Vision :-
Leadership and excellence in the fields of administrative sciences locally, regionally and internationally.
the message : -
The establishment of international educational and research standards in line with modernity and providing a scientific and professional environment with high quality. Graduates of qualified staff and trainers contribute to the renaissance of the country.
Program Goals :-
1 - Provide educational opportunities in science and modern management, and develop the capabilities and interests of students commensurate with the requirements of the labor market.
2 - To achieve continuous development in various scientific studies in order to keep abreast of scientific development.
3- Improving the quality of the educational and research system in the college.
4. Conducting scientific research that meets the needs and issues of society in order to achieve sustainable development.
5. Prepare a graduate who is familiar with academic, ethical and national aspects in order to serve the community's developmental goals.
6 - Provide students with the necessary skills and abilities to use information technology and statistical methods and quantity related to decision-making in different situations of business management.
7 - Develop the spirit of social responsibility of the student and enable him to contribute constructively and actively participate in various community activities.
8. Community rehabilitation through graduate programs, conferences and scientific seminars.
Degrees: -
The Bachelor of Science degree program honors the student with honors in 8 semesters (4 years) in specializations. (Human Resources Management. - Management Information Systems - Finance & Banking - Marketing - Accounting - Business Administration).
The program also gives the degree of technical diploma in 6 semesters (3 years) in specializations. (Accounting Information Systems - Management Information Systems).
Scientific disciplines of the program: -
1- BA in Human Resources Management.
2- Bachelor of Honors in Management Information Systems.
3- Bachelor of Honors in Finance and Banking.
Bachelor of Honors in Marketing.
5- Bachelor of Honors in Accounting.
6- Bachelor of Business Administration.
7- Diploma in Accounting Information Systems Technology.
8- Diploma of Management Information Systems Technology.
Goals and research goals
The aim of this program is to support scientific research that directly contributes to the upbringing of learners, stimulate the academic development of the college, and at the same time fulfill the needs of the local and regional business communities and other local communities.
Community service
This program aims at sharing social responsibility and active participation in the public service, providing professional and advisory services, and providing continuous training programs for workers in various sectors and fields of business.
Program Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate will have the ability to:
1 - Apply a wide range of basic and modern concepts of management sciences in the various fields of business, and recognize the factors that lead to organizational excellence in the management of positive change and the management of initiatives to improve performance in different business organizations.
2- The use of information technology, computer applications and management information systems and their applications in administration, accounting, finance, banking, marketing and human resources management.
3 - Use statistical methods and quantitative analysis of different administrative positions to support decision-making scientifically established and extrapolated and meet the challenges and developments and future changes expected.
4 - Proficiency and use of English speaking, reading and writing in the field of business and communication and communication and interaction with clients of internal and external business organizations with a high degree of professionalism.
5. Apply leadership and motivational skills, self-building, negotiation skills, conflict management, change, communication, and teamwork.
6. Knowledge of international business management standards and ISO 9001: 2000 standards in supporting value-based work, ERP and the ability to cope with rapid changes and developments associated with the outside world.
7. Practice communication and communication skills, develop human and behavioral attitudes, adhere to business ethics standards, enhance community values, sense social responsibility and actively participate in various community activities.
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