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The field of architecture at the local and international level is in a state of continuous renewal and development. The impact of globalization has accelerated this rhythm. And the depth of its direct impact on our reality and our societies. This created multiple complexities and challenges. We designed components and vocabulary of our program curriculum to deal and interact with this situation.
 The biggest challenge was to reconcile our local reality in all its dimensions with the world around us with its traditional components and the latest technological developments. With this understanding, we have designed approaches to serve specific objectives. We sought to be massacred in the soil of the homeland. In anticipation of falling into the trap of recklessness and self-sufficiency, our slogan has made us open to the world. In the same context, we made it one of our most important goals to keep abreast of what is new.
The carnage in the soil of the homeland and in a rare case we have achieved through the courses extended to ten classes covering all aspects of Sudan, the country and its people. Openness to the world means the temporal and spatial dimensions, and delve into the intellectual contributions to the technical, artistic and architectural innovations. In this context, the curricula of Al-Jazeera Technical College have sought and will continue to seek unwaveringly to keep up with all that is new to the field of architecture.
The program aims to contribute to the economic, social and intellectual development through the education and graduation of students with architectural skills working in the field of architectural design and enable them to:

  • Emphasis on the correlation between science and art through serious thinking and technical understanding through courses that help them to understand the mechanics of urban design and its integration with other engineering disciplines and modern technology used in the architecture industry.
  • Openness to the world through several axes of philosophical, intellectual, artistic, and Tarazi and accommodate the huge Islamic world luxury with his thought and civilization and pillars of its unique architecture.


Dr. Sami Mustafa Mohamed Elhassan Ahmed

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