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With the evolution of the world in the field of microelectronics revolution and electronic and logical segments and its reflection on the concepts, methods and means of designing electrical and electronic systems in the design and manufacture of small, medium and large field integrated circuits and also used in the construction and design of computers and networks, communication means and networks and control systems in the industry. Which has made a remarkable development in computer engineering, communications engineering and digital technologies in the transmission, transfer and storage of information and data and circulation in various life areas in order to make the most of them in improving performance for all sectors of economic, scientific, health, engineering, military and security ....
From here, Al Jazeera Technical College has sought to develop a program for the engineering of electronic systems through a range of disciplines in the same field, linking the integration of computer software and electronic circuits in communication systems, especially the other electronic systems, to the flexibility of the computer thanks to its intelligent software that can be deposited in these systems.
And to prepare graduates with sufficient experience in keeping abreast of the radical changes that occur especially in the field of modern communications, networks and computer engineering, and to deal with these systems in all stages of the engineering process, innovation, planning, design, installation, operation and maintenance.
In the belief in the increasing development in the fields of electrical and electronic engineering and with the increasing use of electrical energy and the need to provide new and clean energy sources that meet the society's material and service requirements for the construction of the economic community, the establishment of new specializations for the program (power engineering and control) Electrical and electronic.
And the importance of the program and the interest of the college and develop it by all means of professors with high expertise in the field of specialization (academic and professional) and the preparation of workshops and laboratories and software that helps in the development and the weeks Engineer has been recognized by the Engineering Council program again this year.
Creation: Year 2010.
Preparing engineers specialized in various fields of electrical and electronic engineering with high scientific, intellectual and engineering experience by linking scientific curricula with local and international practical requirements and keeping pace with the continuous progress in these fields. Thus, the program seeks continuous progress in the coming years in order to meet the requirements of the labor market and its existing industries.
the message :-
Aljazeera Technical and Electronics Engineering aims to prepare students for a successful career by following the events of modern educational means to help students provide the best engineering services.
Objectives :-
1 - Prepare outstanding and leading cadres to achieve progress in engineering education and scientific research.
2. Communicate with all state institutions, colleges, research centers and the local community to achieve the best scientific and advisory services for the local and international community.
3 - Raising the scientific level of the employees through the holding of development courses and conduct scientific and applied research.
4- Care for the gifted and talented.
5- Preparing researches that contribute to solve the real problems in the engineering and industrial fields facing different projects internally and externally.
6. Providing the student with modern engineering knowledge, methods of advanced scientific research, high values, and developing the personality of the student, making him capable of innovation, challenge, leadership, self-learning and teamwork through participating in joint projects among students during the period of study and competition locally and internationally.
7. Developing and updating curricula in light of contemporary global trends and subjecting them to periodic evaluation in accordance with international standards, taking into account local conditions.
8. Effective participation in the development of society.
9 - Integrating the concept of total quality and continuous improvement in the fabric of the educational system and research faculty.
Degrees: -
The Electrical and Electronic Engineering Program awards a bachelor's degree in honors in 10 semesters (5 years) in the fields of Communication, Electronics, Computer Networks, Power, Control.
The Electrical and Electronic Engineering program also offers 6-semesters (3 years) in the fields of Communication, Electronics and Networks.
Scientific disciplines of the program: -
1- Bachelor of Honors in Communications Engineering.
2- Bachelor of Honors in Electronics Engineering.
3- Bachelor of Honors in Computer Networks Engineering.
4- Bachelor of Honors in Capacity Engineering.
5- Bachelor of Honors in Control Engineering.
Diploma of Communication Engineering
7- Diploma in Electronics Engineering
8- Diploma of Network Installation
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