Dream of upgrading to university .. Projects for Students

The establishment and development of the department activities up to highest levels of international standard and at the same time the department to be the best one seen among other departments in the Sudan , in relation to activities, facilities, teaching staff and students performance.


Message :

Respond efficiently to the justification of the program outlined above through the teaching and systematic training in order to gratify the required manpower in the shortest possible time.


Plan & Regulations :

The mission of the radiography and imaging technology program is to graduate up-to-date service and research-oriented technologists, with a strong commitment to solve relevant health problems, in a rich-science environment, aligning, as an active member, with a comprehensive and devout health team. The curriculum follows the 'semester system' extending over 4 years: full eight semesters and short summer units. The first two semesters form the common preparatory year with medical and other health sciences programs. The third semester, and partly the fourth semesters are common to all departments of the program. The fourth to eighth semesters constitute mainly the specialization stage

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