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The main objectives of the faculty are:

  • To graduate professional in medical laboratory sciences who has good ethics,cooperative with and faithfull to the others, confident, able to develop his knowledge and capabilitis through reading, research and carry- out his duties ie:
  • Qualifiedas general techologist in all areas of medical laboratory sciences and specialist in one disciplines.
  • Welloriented in the background of basic sciences,general health, education and medical laboratory sciences.
  • Capableof making decision and problems solving.
  • Suited for supervising and management position in medical laboratory sciences in the future.
  • Professional in his conducts and dedicated to his role in health care.
  • Eligible to pursue higher postgraduate training.
  • Able to apply cognitive strategies and self-directed learning in the dynamic healthcare delivery system.
  • Follow the recent and continuous development in medical laboratory scienceses.
  • Capable to apply advanced knowledge and skill to the practice of medical laboratory scienceses.


After the successful completion of 8 semesters (168 credit Hours) the student will be awarded Bachelor Science (Honors)of clinical laboratory sciences in one Specialization of :-

  • Medical Microbiology.
  • Clinical Chemistry.
  • Parasitology & Medical Entomology.
  • Hematology & Immunohematology.
  • Histopathology & Cytology.

What is new in this curriculum?

The new courses of Medical Laboratory Science in this curriculum are:

Introduction of new modules:

  • Introduction To Medical Laboratory Sciences.
  • Health Services And Ethics Of Laboratory Practice
  • Laboratory Management And Quality Concepts.
  • Research Methodology.
  • Fundamentals Of Pathology .
  • Field Training.
  • In-Service Training.
  • Advance Molecular Biology.
  • Advance Immunology.

Method of teaching:

Lectures, Tutorials, Practical Sessions, Assignments, Handouts and self-study&Seminars Self learning and problem solving approach will be introduce gradually.

Method of evaluation:

Student evaluation

• Tools will be MCQs &/or best answer &/or short assays, (which is relevant) for assessments of theoretical knowledge

• Practical skills will be assessed by traditional practical &/or objective structural practical exam (OSPE).

• In order to pass the exam student should pass the theoretical part as well as practical part separately.

• Failure in any part means that the student will repeat both.

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